Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~Ella Joy~

I have been wanting to do this entry for a long time, I have finally decided to do it after the kids are asleep so I can focus on it!  I wanted to have it done by her 3rd birthday but, like my previous entry stated, we were so busy during May so I am just now getting to it!  This is basically my little girl's life so far in pictures!  I am kind of just doing it for me, to see how fast she has grown and to appreciate every single day with her because before I know it, she will be off to college and I will wonder where my baby went!  I thought all of our family would appreciate it too, especially those who live far away....

My first picture of her!
7 weeks long
Loved that little round head!
20 weeks- the day she found out we were having a GIRL!
My favorite ultrasound pic of her!
34 weeks
My first time seeing her
Our second day home from the hospital
Her first smile!
7 weeks old
2nd smile I got on camera!
 8 weeks old
3 months old!
Happy little thing!!
4 months old
First time sitting up!
5 months old
Our baby was an angel for her first Halloween!
First Thanksgiving!
6 months old
First Christmas!
7 months old
All bundled up ready for the cold!
 7 months old
Loving time with my baby girl!
7 months old
Ready to go on a walk!
8 months old
The day she took her 1st step!
 9 months old
Her first apple!
10 months old
First Easter!
11 months old!
1st Birthday!!!

First time in an airplane- headed to South Africa!
14 months old
First time seeing the ocean!
First time going to the ocean!
Beautiful baby girl playing in the sand!!
 15 months old
15 months!
First lamb costume!
1 1/2 years old!
Hanging out with Uncle Tom on the beach chair!
Loving every second with Nathan!
Our little ladybug......
First night sleeping in her "big girl bed" with Wrinkles!
21 months old
Loving her bubble bath before bed!
Our baby girl turns 2!!!
Opening her presents with Daddy
SO excited!
Getting ready for her baby brother to arrive!
So sweet....
The night before Kaleb came!  
First time seeing her baby brother!
First time holding her baby brother!
Her own real- life baby doll!
Lovin' summer time!
Helping Daddy work on his car!
She's the Big Sister!
Kisses for Baby Brother...
Love her so much!
Halloween- Little Ladybug!
She loves her brother so much!
Cuddles in bed with Kaleb!
First major snowstorm of her life! Feb '11
First Haircut!
2 1/2 years old
All trimmed up!
Christmas Angel
SO excited to see Santa!
Strawberry ice cream- her favorite!!
Loving her trike!
She loves him so much!
Beautiful girl in her Easter dress!
Such a little princess!
Right after her 3rd birthday!
First time she went across the monkey bars by herself!  (With Dad's help  of course!)

I just can't believe how fast these years have flown by.  It is so hard to believe that she is 3 now and is no longer my little baby, she is my little girl- ready to take on the world!  She is definitely the "joy" of our lives, she lives up to her name perfectly!  

It is so amazing how this little black and white picture captured my heart over 3 years ago- I loved her the second I knew she was coming!

And now she has turned into the Joy of my life, my whole world, (besides her Dad and brother!) and has really become such a little person who loves life and is always wanting to learn new things.  

I am beyond excited to see who she turns into next, to watch her develop more into a person and to see where she goes in life!  I (of course!) think she is the smartest, most beautiful little girl alive and I can't wait to see what God has planned for her future!