Monday, June 13, 2011

May-An Eventful Month for Us!

May was extremely busy for us!  Ella turned 3, my little sister graduated from High School (Go Lump!), a lot of family had birthdays, and Kaleb started walking!!!!!  

For Ella's birthday, we went to the zoo, it was perfect for her!  She had so much fun looking at all of the animals.  The weather was perfect, she was having a blast, Kaleb was loving it, and it couldn't have been a better day!  Here are some pics of our big girl's 3rd birthday!

Martin woke up at 6 am to fill up all of her balloons with helium and to blow up the others!  He was so excited to have his little girl wake up feeling really special on her birthday!

She woke up to a room filled with balloons!
Thanking Daddy for all of his hard work!
Ready for a fun day at the zoo!!

We saw lots of animals of course, and Ella and Martin went on their very first camel ride!  They had so much fun!

We also rode on the train (Ella's first time doing that as well!) and we had a blast!

Kaleb had a quick nap!

When we got home it was present time!  Our little birthday princess:

She got everything she wanted (of course) except for a pink car....we're working on that one ;-)
Overall, she had a great birthday, we really had a fun time and we made so many memories!

Now, onto my little man Kaleb!!  He has accomplished one of life's most vital skills- WALKING!!  He finally took his first step around the middle of May and is now cruising around like he's been doing it all of his life!  He and Ella both walked at 10 months and I have to say, I am happy he is finally on his own!  He is around 27lbs so he is HEAVY!  My arms were killing me from picking him up!  He is so proud of himself, it's so sweet to watch his little face light up when we starts to go!  Here is a video of some of his first steps: 


and another of him getting the hang of it:

He has been such a little joy, his personality has really come out!  He loves to tackle Ella, loves to play with her, and loves to eat - all the time!  He is not at all amused with Ella taking a toy away from him, drinking anything cold, or diaper changes.  He is really so laid back and relaxed, he is such an easy little guy!  Half of the time I forget he is there unless he makes a peep which doesn't happen often!  Here are some pics of him being his happy little self:

As you can see, Kaleb's wardrobe pretty much consists of just a diaper right now!  It is soooooo hot here in the summer and he is very warm-blooded, so he is happiest in as little clothing as possible!!

I have to add some of my babies together, my favorite ones!
he was pushing her around on her trike!

love this one!
We had an amazing May, can't believe how fast they are growing up!  We are getting excited for Kaleb's 1st Birthday!!  I can hardly believe it is just around the corner!!  More blog posts to follow shortly, I promise!

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  1. Look at him walking around! I love it when they're tottering, and then they just say "well, I'm done with that!"