Thursday, April 28, 2011


Despite the horrible rain and gloomy day, we had such a fun Easter!  We went to church, had an amazing message, and then headed over to Aunt Heather and John's house for lunch, an Easter Egg hunt, and of course lots and lots of pictures!!!
My happy little Easter Bunny!
My boys!!
Having fun with Daddy!
Pretty little princess!
Our Family
Grandma and Kaleb

The Girls

Grandmas with their Granddaughters!
Ella and Summer with all the Easter Eggs they found!

We thought we might get his first steps but he was still a little bit nervous!
He stood on his own for a few seconds!
Summer is so sweet to Kaleb, even shared her stroller with him so he could practice walking!
Ella loves her Aunt Bo!
Presents from their Easter Baskets!
The Hildreth Girls
The whole fam
Kaleb found his first Easter Egg!
Cousins cuddling while the Easter Bunny hid their eggs!
Kaleb was loving the food! 

Big girls at their own table!
Our pretty girls in their Easter dresses!
Checking out her presents!

We really had such a fun day and we are so blessed to be able to spend it with family and those who care so much about us.  Kaleb is so close to walking, maybe my next post will be his first steps!!!!!!!!

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