Monday, April 4, 2011

*Spring Is Here!*

Finally!  I was so tired of the cold weather, winter is nice for about 2 weeks and them I am over it!  I am so happy to have nice, warm, sunny days!  We took the kids to the park this weekend and they had so much fun!  Ella is a little explorer, crawling all over the jungle gym, going down the slide by herself, and attempting to go across the monkey bars!  Kaleb was just happy to get out of the house and go for a ride in the stroller and to swing on the swings!  Here are some pics from our outing this weekend:

Ella insisted on pushing the stroller and she actually made it a few feet!  She just had trouble with guiding it the right direction :)

 They were loving the swings!

 It was so nice out that we brought out the playpen so Kaleb could hang out and watch Ella and I play with chalk!

We are loving this weather and I am so excited to be able to swim in our pool and to have bbq's this summer!  It will be Kaleb's first summer where he can have fun and play in the water and I know that Ella will be our little fish!!!  She is already asking to swim and our pool isn't even open yet!

Some other good news from us----Kaleb is FINALLY sleeping through the night!  It has been almost 9 long months of waking up to feed him every 4-5 hours or so and for the last 3 nights he has slept for a straight 12 hours!  I feel like a new woman, I had forgotten what it was like to wake up feeling refreshed!  He has always slept at night (which is more than Ella did for me at the beginning) but he wanted to cuddle with mommy and eat very often!  We were co-sleeping and I think that him finally being in his own bed and being able to move around and get comfortable has helped him sleep a lot better.  Martin is happier, Kaleb is happier, and I am definitely happier with the new sleep situation! :)  Life is going great right now and I promise to update this blog more often!!

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  1. Adorable pics!! Don't you just love this nice weather??