Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Accomplishments!

After weeks of trying to get Ella to do a somersault, she finally mustered up the courage to flip herself over and did it!  She was so proud of herself! Actually I don't know who was more proud, me or her!  She has seemed to really changed a lot in the past month, she wants swing high on the swings at the park (she used to not even let us take our hands off of her when she was in a swing), she wants to go across the monkey bars, she wants to play with other kids, and she has really seemed to take on a new attitude of independence!  I can see her changing into a little girl more and more everyday.  She isn't so dependent on mommy anymore, and although it makes me sad my baby girl is growing up, it is so fun to see her personality blossoming and to watch the little person she is becoming!  Here is a video if her doing her somersault!  She did so many yesterday she got dizzy!

Kaleb is crawling all over the place, he has been doing it for about a month now.  He is such a strong little thing, he pulls up on just about everything he can!   He has stood on his own for a few seconds at a time so I know we will have a walker here soon!  It is going to be a good thing too because he is so huge!  He is about 23lbs now and he is so hard to carry around!  Ella didn't weigh 23lbs until she was almost 2!  Thank God I bought a Beco and can just strap him on my back and carry him around like that because my arms would not be able to handle carrying him around all the time!  He is into everything and it is so fun to watch him explore his little world and learn new things every day.  He is the most content, happy little baby I've ever seen.  Here is a recent video of him crawling with his cheerleader in the background!


  1. These videos are great! I love the one of Kaleb crawling! ;-)

  2. awwwww... love them! and i'm so excited for me and ella's slumber party tomorrow night!!!