Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here we go again!

Baby B #3 is on the way!  I am 9 weeks right now and am finally getting over my nausea.  This pregnancy has been completely different from the last two!  I had no morning sickness at all with Ella and Kaleb and have had it really bad with this little one!  Everything seems more extreme this time- extremely nauseous, extremely tired, extremely moody, and extremely anxious!  It may be because we found out so early that I was pregnant- 3 weeks 3 days! but I feel like this pregnancy is going to last forever!  I'm glad with each new Thursday (that's when I change weeks!) that I am progressing and getting closer to meeting this little one!

We have decided to not find out the gender of this baby until it's born and I am SO excited about it!  I just feel like we have one of each already so there is nothing we aren't prepared for!  We will need diapers and that's about it!  Oh, and about diapers, I have decided to give Cloth Diapering a chance!  I am so excited to try it out!  They are SO cute and will save us tons of money so what's not to like, right?  A lot of my friends do it and are giving me a lot of hints and suggestions about it so I am ready to give it a shot!

But back to waiting to find out the gender- I am just so excited to be in the delivery room and have the dr say it's a ______!  Ella SWEARS it's a girl and will not accept the fact that it could be another baby brother for her!  She calls it her baby sister all the time and already has some dolls picked out that she is going to give  her.  I hope for her sake that she's right haha!  But of course either way we will be happy.  I would love a boy so that Kaleb can have a brother and I would love a girl so that Ella can have a sister!   It's so nice to not really care.  I will update this as my pregnancy progresses and put up lots of cute belly pics.  There's nothing cute about my belly right now so I'm not posing any until I am further along and actually showing a baby bump, not just bloat!

Here are some pics of our newest little bean:
woohoo!  2 pink lines!
5 weeks 5 days- saw the little heart beating!

9 weeks!

9 weeks!

9 weeks! 

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